CD47 Biology

Novel Anti-CD47 Therapeutics

The two distinct but interdependent arms of the immune system work in concert to recognize cancer cells and destroy them. Both the innate and adaptive immune responses are capable of recognizing and destroying cancer cells but tumors evolve mechanisms to evade them.

Immunotherapy is intended to “wake” the immune system so that it can recognize and destroy cancer cells.

Currently approved immuno-oncology therapies have been effective in a subset of patients despite only harnessing the adaptive immune response.

Targeting CD47 harnesses both the innate and adaptive arms of the immune system to fight cancer. Upregulation of CD47, a protein expressed on most tumor cells, acts as an immune checkpoint and allows tumor cells to evade immune surveillance by the cells of the innate immune response such as macrophages. Recent research reveals CD47’s integral role in regulating the specific cells (T-cells and dendritic cells) responsible for the adaptive immune system’s anti-tumor response.

Anti-CD47 antibodies have the potential to promote coordination by the innate and adaptive immune systems with both acting in concert to attack tumors, and Tioma has developed a robust portfolio of functionally diverse anti-CD47 antibodies.